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TimeMore Chestnut Silver G1

  • 175 EUR

Stylish and functional manual coffee grinder with dual bearings for consistent grinding, regardless of the beans' roast level.

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Article Number: TIM513

TimeMore Chestnut G1 Coffee Grinder

  • Color: Silver/Chestnut
  • Capacity: 30g of coffee beans
  • Materials: Aluminum, plastic, and chestnut
  • Grinding stones material: Steel
  • Grinding stones shape: Conical
  • Double bearing system for even grinding
  • Removable metal handle and chestnut body
  • Hardened stainless steel tubes HRC58
  • Easy adjustment of grind size
  • Size: width 6 cm, height 17 cm
  • Includes storage bag
  • Winner of the RedDot Design Award 2017

A manual coffee grinder that is both stylish and functional. The double bearing system of the coffee grinder ensures a smooth and fine grind of your coffee beans regardless of their roasting level. We recommend using this coffee grinder for brewing methods such as French press, pour over (such as Chemex or Hario), and drip coffee makers. It also works for moka pots and espresso, but it requires a little more effort to achieve a finely ground coffee.

Cleaning the grinder is easy; unscrew, brush, and reassemble.