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Hario Skerton PLUS Coffee Grinder

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A popular grinder used by baristas worldwide. Its ceramic burrs grind coffee without generating heat, preserving the oils and aromas of the coffee.

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Article Number: U0588

Hario Skerton PLUS Coffee Grinder

  • Manual and portable coffee grinder
  • Capacity: 100g of coffee beans
  • Conical ceramic burrs
  • Stabilizing plate for more even grinding
  • Easy adjustment of grind size from fine to coarse
  • Silicone lid to preserve coffee aromas
  • Easy to clean 

The Hario Skerton Plus is a popular manual coffee grinder used by baristas worldwide. It features conical ceramic burrs that grind coffee without generating heat to preserve the beans' oils and aromas, and it's easy to clean with running water.

"Skerton" is Hario's name for this series of coffee grinders with ceramic burrs. There are also other models, like the Skerton PRO, known for their consistent grinding and high quality.

These hand grinders are perfect for travel as they don't require electricity. Many people pair them with an Aeropress and steel filter for easy coffee brewing during outdoor activities like hiking.