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The following micro roasters have been part of developing the 2021 Coffee Advent Calendar, and they are all participating with three great coffee's each. Feel free to go to each micro roasters website to read more about their coffee roasting philisophy, and to buy their amazing coffee, of course:

Big Lake Coffee

Big Lake Coffee

Big Lake Coffee is located in Östersund, the heart of Sweden, by the Big Lake of Jämtland.

In 2015 during the World of Coffee events in Gothenburg a seed was planted. Barista and coffee lover Marcus Izzo decided it was time for a coffee revolution; delivering beans, creating coffee events and courses all on a Cargobike. In 2015 a co-working space was built along with a coffeebar, boutique and shortly after an additional micro roastery.

The focus of Big Lake Coffee is to introduce the consumer to direct trade relations and quality products, they build relationships that stretch across the globe through a simple cup of coffee.

Cozo Coffee


CozoCoffee, from Örebro, was founded by Oskar Cedermalm after he for many years had toured around the world with his band Truckfighters and always had trouble finding really good coffee. That´s when the idea of getting involved in the coffee industry, by starting to roast coffee, slowly took form.

The philosophy is simple: to buy the best coffee beans, sometimes directly from individual farmers or cooperatives, but also from big importers. What they all have in common is that the green bean need to be of the absolute best quality. For Oskar it is also important to work with people who share the same values as him regarding human and environmental ethics.

Gamla Snickeriet Kafferosteri

Gamla Snickeriet Kafferosteri

Gamla Snickeriet Kafferosteri was founded in the spring of 2019 by Joachim Segerstedt, who has worked with coffee for many years. He has, among other things, run the coffee shop Mogen & Grus at Södermalm in Stockholm. In spring 2018 he moved from Stockholm to Säter to start a family and start to roast coffee. He strives to highlight the best of each coffee bean, which for Joachim means a coffee without bitter or burnt notes.

The roastery is located in the old carpentry shop in Säter (hence the name) and that is where they roast all their coffee. They believe in organic coffee of the highest quality and their vision is to provide Dalarna with traceable and freshly roasted organic craft coffee.

Gute Rosteri

Gute Rosteri

Gute Rosteri is a coffee roastery from Gotland with a focus on quality. It was founded in 2016 by Jelle Van Echelpoel who, among other things, is a Swedish Champion of coffee art. They only roast with organic certified coffee.

Gute Rosteri works with coffee from all over the world, and their assortment is constantly changing because they are always looking for new and exciting flavor profiles. When looking for new origins, they always value social relationships and that the coffee is grown with ecologically sustainable methods, as they are convinced that this results in higher quality.

Gute Rosteri is located ten kilometers east of Visby at Stafva Gård in Barlingbo.

Muttley and Jack's Coffee Roasters

Muttley & Jack's Coffe Roasters

Muttley & Jack's is a Stockholm-based micro-roastery founded by Jack Ryan in 2017. Muttley is a Boston Terrier who, in addition to naming the roastery, also constantly reminds Jack that life is for enjoying. Both during long walks in the forest, and when drinking really good coffee.

Jack visit the coffee farmers he works with as often as possible to jointly develop the quality of future harvests. But also to ensure that, from seed to cup, the coffee you enjoy has a positive impact on the farmer, the environment and you.

Jack finished in 2nd place at the Swedish championship in coffee roasting, both in 2017 and 2018.

Ritu Coffee Roasters

Ritu Coffe Roasters

Many Gothenburgians will agree: we were waiting for the day Café Alkemisten will start roasting their own coffee. And here we are! Founded in 2019 by Café Akemisten’s Kristian Hedborg and their coffee manager Anthony Huy Nguyen, the city welcomed Ritu Coffee Roasters with open arms!

The duo behind the roastery takes coffee seriously; they believe that the story behind the coffee, where it comes from, and how it was grown, is powerful. They aim to improve the art of making coffee and have a focus on flavors from the new origins which are not often found in Scandinavian roasteries

Coffee Manager Anthony Huy Nguyen won the Swedish Roasting Championship in 2019.

The Broker Coffee Roastery

The Broker Coffee Roastery

The Broker Coffee Roastery is  based on the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences’ campus in central Ultuna.

They are a specialty coffee roastery that started in 2014; where the goal is for the slowly roasted, traceable coffee to do justice to the passion and hard work that has been put in by everyone in the coffee chain - from coffee farmer to importer to roaster.

They want to share this passion in a way that allows both coffee novices and coffee enthusiasts to appreciate the taste of the carefully treated coffee on their terms.

Törnlinds Kafferosteri

Törnlinds Kafferosteri

Törnlind's Kafferosteri was founded in 2018 by Tobias and Anna Törnlind. They want to share their passion for coffee at the same time as they want to change the coffee industry for the better. Therefore, the choice to only roast specialty coffee was simple, as it means that quality, sustainability and ethics is key parts in a transparent process and where growers get better paid. So when you buy coffee from Törnlind's Kafferosteri, you can be sure that you are part of and contribute to sustainable development in the coffee industry. From cultivation to finished cup.