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The Coffee Advent Calendar features 24 bags of whole coffee beans curated by selected Nordic micro-roasters. Discover a new coffee variety every day from December 1st until Christmas Eve! Limited to 800 editions this year, so first come, first grind... 

The calendar offers a variety of roasting levels - light, medium, and dark roast - ensuring there's something for everyone. Our 2024 edition comprises coffee from 6 Nordic micro-roasters. All coffee is roasted on-site at the roasters and packaged by us in Sweden. What sets us apart is that unlike pre-ground coffee, our calendar contains only whole beans and exclusively features specialty coffee.

So how does the Coffee Advent Calendar work? It's easy, every bag in the box is marked with a number from 1 to 24, which corresponds to the respective day in December, from 1st December until Christmas. Each bag contains 30 grams of whole beans that are roasted at the end of October this year (exact dates vary between rosteries and varieties). 30 grams of whole beans is sufficient, after grinding, for 4 dl of coffee, which corresponds to 4 cups of pure pleasure. In other words, it's enough coffee also if you want to share the calendar with others.

Keep in mind that different beans and roasting profiles taste differently depending on how you grind the beans, and what brewing method you choose. However, all varieties of this year's calendar work perfectly with a regular coffee maker, chemex or other filter brew method. But, if you have the opportunity, please try other brewing methods as well.

In the calendar you will also find a booklet where each roastery is presented, and you can read more about each day's coffee. For example: type of bean, origin, roasting profile and more. All to give you a moment of total coffee treat!

The coffee tastes best before the end of January 2025.

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