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Coffee Roasters on Specialty Coffee Calendar 2023

Here you can read more about the coffee roasteries featured in our special Coffee Calendar 2023!

Hälla kafferosteri:
Located at Hälla Shopping in Västerås, you'll find the remarkable micro-roastery, Hälla Coffee Roastery. They craft high-quality specialty coffee from carefully selected coffee beans. Their roasting process is an artistic endeavor aimed at achieving perfect balance and rich flavors. Hälla kafferosteri exclusively roasts specialty coffee and loves highlighting the fun, exciting, and unique flavors that coffee has to offer, as each coffee bean possesses its own distinct character! Sometimes, they give the beans a medium or dark roast, but in most cases, Hälla kafferosteri focuses on light roasts with their coffee blends.

OAS Roastery:
In the heart of Växjö beats OAS Roastery, born from a café in Kalmar in 2016. The following year, the dream became a reality - their own roastery dedicated to high-quality specialty coffee from all corners of the world. Through close collaboration with carefully selected coffee farmers, they celebrate the unique character of each coffee bean through their roasting process. OAS takes the flavor journey seriously, where each step in the process shapes the ultimate cup of coffee. But it doesn't stop there - their vision is a sustainable coffee industry, one cup of coffee at a time.

Lilla kafferosteriet:
Lilla Coffee Roastery from the heart of Malmö is a roastery where dedication to quality and craftsmanship shines through. Carefully selected coffee beans from different parts of the world undergo a roasting process that is both art and science.
The roast masters at Lilla kafferosteriet have a deep understanding of coffee's complex attributes and how roasting affects its taste and aromas. Lilla Coffee Roastery takes the time to fine-tune roasting profiles for each individual coffee variety, resulting in outstanding flavor variations and nuances that take your taste buds on a journey through different coffee cultures.

Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of coffee or an experienced enthusiast seeking new flavor experiences, Lilla kafferosteriet will captivate your senses and provide you with a memorable coffee experience.

Lehmus Roastery:
Lehmus Roastery is a captivating gem in the heart of Lappeenranta, Finland. With a passion for quality, innovation, and sustainability, they have conquered the coffee industry. Founded by a visionary coffee enthusiast who dreamed of bringing the best coffee beans from remote corners of the world to Finland. The name "Lehmus" symbolizes their connection to Finnish nature and eco-friendly values.

The roastery's unique success lies in their focus on quality. They meticulously select sustainable coffee beans and work closely with local coffee growers. Every step in the process is executed with expertise and care, resulting in exceptional coffee with remarkable character.

Furthermore, Lehmus Roastery is committed to sustainability through the use of renewable energy, recycling, and support for fair working conditions for farmers. Their efforts to reduce environmental impact showcase their care for both people and the planet.

Lykke Kaffegårdars:

Lykke Kaffegårdar is a Swedish coffee roastery located in Farsta. They have a mission they always strive to fulfill - how to run a coffee business without causing harm to anyone or anything in the process? They achieve this by challenging the conventional way of doing things - they grow, purchase, and roast the coffee entirely on their own with the goal of positively impacting the coffee industry.

They co-own their coffee farms with coffee farmers, and for them, it's crucial to let the coffee farmers make decisions. By eliminating intermediaries, they ensure that no one or nothing gets harmed, allowing us to enjoy a great cup of coffee with a clear conscience.

Lykke Kaffegårdar establish model farms on the highest mountains in El Salvador and Panama, on the snow-filled slopes of the Andes, back up to the highlands of Brazil, and across the sea to the cradle of coffee in East Africa, where they cultivate coffee exactly as it should be, organically. In perfect harmony with nature and people.

TADAH Roastery:

TADAH Roastery is a coffee roastery from Lenhovda in Småland. This area is also known as the Glass Kingdom. The roastery was founded by Julia and Michael, originally from Germany, who moved to Småland in 2019 to pursue their passion for roasting and brewing coffee, creating new coffee blends, and sharing their passion for coffee with other coffee lovers.

TADAH Roastery customizes roast profiles to bring out the full flavor profile of each coffee bean. They roast their coffee beans at temperatures of 200-220 degrees Celsius for 12-18 minutes, and after roasting, the beans are cooled only by air to preserve their fantastic flavor.

The name "TADAH Roastery" derives from the expression "TAAADAAAAH, here comes the coffee!" How delightful is that?