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 Coffee Roasteries for Special Coffee Calendar 2022

The Coffee Advent Calendar will be special for many reasons this year. Firstly, all coffee roasteries are new to the adventcalendar. Cool right?

What's more, is that over the past years the coffee calendar has only had special coffee roasteries from Sweden. This year however, we are introducing our first roastery from Finland!


Cafégo, also called Sofiero roastery, is a coffee roastery from Helsingborg. Their main focus is on High-altitude coffee, also known as Strictly High Grown. They choose coffee beans with care from various coffee plantations around the world - all of their coffee is UTZ certified.

"Our vision is that everyone who appreciates a cup of really good coffee should have the opportunity to taste our sustainably produced blends and with that add some luxury to their everyday life"

- Cafégo


Gåshaga kafferosteri:

Gåshaga coffee roastery is a micro roastery located on Lidingö. Their origin is from the world of film as their legacy comes from a completely different industry - the video rental industry, in which they were the largest in the Nordics. They have taken the experience about customer focus and quality with them and entered the world of coffee with one big focus: A better coffee experience, for everyone! 

Gåshaga coffee roastery is one of Sweden’s fastest growing and most successful micro roasters. They are proud of the great ownership and responsibility that they take - from bean to cup. It is just as important for Gåshaga that the coffee farmers have good conditions as how the coffee tastes. Their organic specialty coffee is simply better for both the coffee farmers and for the environment!

Kaffa Roastery:

 Finland is the world's biggest coffee consumer per capita, which is why we considered natural to include a Finnish speciality coffee roastery in the calendar. Kaffa Roastery comes from Punavuori, Helsinki, where a big part of the Finnish coffee hipsters are located at. That being said, Kaffa Roastery was also created by a bunch of coffee enthusiasts who wanted the Finnish people to not only drink the most coffee in the world but also to drink the best coffee in the world.


With this idea in mind Kaffa Roastery continuously works with a great passion, not only for the coffee but also for the process - from the coffee cultivation to the roasting of the coffee beans and from there on to the finished cup of coffee. It is important that the coffee makes an impression in every step of the way.


Kompass Kafferosteri:

It was the love to coffee that got Märta and Philip together in the first place. Many years in the coffee branch inspired the couple to  move to Ystad and start the city’s first specialty coffee roastery: Kompass Coffee Roastery.

The coffee you are holding in your hand, or are about to get delivered to you, is coffee that has been roasted with enormous passion. The main goal is to make as sustainable decisions as possible; whether it comes to the collaboration with the farmers, climate questions or the different flavors of the beans. It all counts.

Kompass Coffee is your hand to hold on to when you need comfort in your days, luxury in your coffee parties or just a boost to your mornings.

Life is simply too short to not drink good coffee. Let’s not waste it.

Lykke Kaffegårdar:

Lykke coffee farms is a Swedish coffee roastery located in Farsta. The mission that they always follow is: how to run a coffee company without injuring anyone or anything in the process? They do this by challenging the normal way of doing things - they grow, buy and roast the coffee themselves with the goal of being able to influence the coffee industry for the better.

Lukke owns the coffee farms together with the coffee farmers and they think that it’s important to let the coffee farmers make the decisions. By not having any intermediaries, they can ensure that nothing or no one gets harmed and we can enjoy a good cup of coffee with a clear conscience.


Lykke coffee farms set up farms on the highest mountains in El Salvador and Panama, on the Andes' snow-filled slopes, back up to the highlands of Brazil and across the sea to the cradle of coffee in East Africa, where they grow coffee exactly as it should be grown - organically and in perfect harmony with nature and people.



Nattuggla is a coffee roastery from the north of Sweden, from Piteå to be exact. Their main focus is quality and they roast their coffee beans carefully to highlight each coffee bean’s unique taste. They are one of the northernmost coffee roasteries and they are also one of the few roasters in northern Sweden that only focuses on specialty coffee. Having only specialty coffee means that everyone in the production stage receives fair compensation, which is four times as much as Fairtrade.


TADAH kafferosteri:

TADAH Roastery is a coffee roastery from Lenhovda in Småland. This area is also called Småland's Glasrike which translates to “The kingdom of crystal”. The coffee roastery was founded by Julia and Michael who originally come from Germany, but who moved to Småland in 2019 to fulfill their passion for roasting and brewing coffee, mixing new coffee blends and being able to share their passion for coffee with other coffee lovers.


TADAH Roastery tailors rust profiles to bring out the full flavor profile of each coffee bean. They roast their coffee beans at a maximum of 200-220 degrees celsius for 12-18 minutes and when the beans have been roasted, they are only cooled down by the air to maintain their fantastic taste.


The name TADAH Roastery comes from "TAAADAAAAH, here comes the coffee!" 

Wonderful isn’t it?


Uppsala kafferosteri:

Uppsala roastery is a coffee roastery from, as the name suggests, Uppsala. It all started from a single cup of dark roast speciality coffee back in 2017. 

“Our vision is to make the world's best dark roasted coffee.

It started with a cup, a cup that changed everything! ”


Uppsala roastery was founded with the goal of creating the exact coffee they wanted, but which they couldn’t find on the existing coffee market. They thought that because they wanted this coffee themself, there must be other people who wanted it as well. It’s not an easy task to roast coffee to a good dark roast but Uppsala roastery did not give up and they finally found the best way to roast the coffee beans to a perfect dark roast. They succeeded by using only specialty coffee and by roasting the coffee beans slowly in a cast iron roast and only in small batches.