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Hario Skerton PRO Coffee Grinder

  • 87 EUR

Experience coffee nirvana with the Hario Skerton PRO, the manual coffee grinder that's a barista's best friend—even without electricity! Perfect for taking on a

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Article Number: U0582

Hario Skerton PRO Coffee Grinder

  • Manual coffee grinder
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 100g of coffee beans
  • Conical ceramic burrs
  • Professional-grade grinder in a compact size
  • Silicone lid to preserve coffee aromas 

The Hario Skerton PRO hand grinder is the latest addition to Hario's grinder family. It's the top choice among portable coffee grinders and is used by master baristas around the world when electricity is unavailable. The grinder is renowned for its consistency in grinding and the high quality of its burrs. Its small and compact size makes it easy to take on outings. The grinder performs well with all types of coffee makers, but if you want truly great coffee on the go, we highly recommend pairing the grinder with an Aeropress for quickly brewing a delicious cup when you're on the move.