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Hario Mini Slim Plus Coffee Grinder

  • 50 EUR

The grinder grinds coffee without heat thanks to its ceramic burrs, preserving the beans' flavor and aromas. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel!

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Article Number: U5069

Hario Mini Slim Plus Coffee Grinder

  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 24g
  • Hexagonal-shaped handle for more uniform grinding
  • Easy adjustment of grind size
  • Ceramic grinding burrs
  • Size: width 15 cm, height 22 cm, depth 7.2 cm
  • Easy to clean 

An updated version of the Hario Slim coffee grinder, equipped with a reinforced hexagonal adapter on the handle and a darker body for improved durability and aesthetics. It's easy to disassemble the grinder in seconds and clean it with hot water, making the cleaning process seamless. With its ceramic burrs, the grinder grinds coffee without generating heat, preserving the oils and aromas of the beans for a richer taste experience. The portable coffee grinder is compact in size, making it very easy to take on trips or for grinding coffee beans without electricity.