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Coffee Capsule Calendar 2023

  • 49 EUR

Experience the Magic of Christmas with Our Capsule Advent Calendar!This year's coffee roasters include:PassalacquaLavazzaZoégasCaffè MolinariAttibassiLykke Kaff

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Article Number: KKK2023

Experience the Magic of Christmas with Our Capsule Advent Calendar!

This year's coffee roasters include:




Caffè Molinari


Lykke Kaffegårdar

Christmas is approaching, and what could be more enchanting than starting every December morning with a delightful surprise in the form of capsule coffee from our exclusive capsule advent calendar? Treat yourself or someone you hold dear to the perfect gift for coffee lovers this year!

Transform your Christmas morning into a flavor-filled celebration with our capsule advent calendar. Order now and relish the daily joy of exploring new coffee capsules on the journey towards Christmas!


With our capsule calendar, you'll get to enjoy a new and exciting Nespresso capsule every day until Christmas Eve. We've carefully selected coffee brands that guarantee a premium taste experience every day. In our advent calendar, you'll get to sample capsules from some of the world's most beloved coffee roasters, ranging from a Swedish micro-roastery to some of Italy's most iconic coffee roasters. Coffee capsules are both simple and convenient - no complicated brewing process, just pop in the capsule and savor your coffee in an instant.

Surprise someone you cherish with this capsule advent calendar and share the joy and warmth of the holiday season.

Our capsule advent calendar is available in limited quantities, so make sure to order yours before they run out!

The calendar also includes an informative booklet that introduces each coffee roastery and provides additional information about each day's coffee capsule. All the booklets will be in English and will include details such as the capsule's bean variety, origin, roast level, and more. All of this is to offer you a moment of complete coffee experience and enjoyment!