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Hario KyusuMaru Teapot

  • 319 EUR

Brew perfection with Hario KyusuMaru Teapot! High-quality glass, stainless infuser, multiple sizes. Tea time redefined.

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Article Number: 2330

Hario KyusuMaru Teapot

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Material of the pot: Heat-resistant and insulating high-quality glass
  • Material of the infuser: Stainless steel
  • Large spacious infuser that allows tea leaves to expand freely
  • Easy to clean

A crucial factor in successfully brewing tea is allowing the tea leaves to expand freely. In the Hario KyusuMaru teapot made of heat-resistant glass, the large and spacious infuser provides just that opportunity. With this teapot, you have full control over your tea brewing, ensuring that each cup is perfectly balanced and flavorful.