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C3 Percolator Stainless Steel 6-Cup

  • 95 EUR

The C3 Basic Percolator is the most popular percolator in Sweden. It features a classic design and brews coffee with a special and fine aroma.

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Article Number: 30-33656ECO

C3 Percolator Stainless Steel 6-Cup

  • S-marked via Intertek. 
  • Cordless 2-6 cups 
  • Polished stainless steel 
  • Indicator light turns on when coffee is ready to serve 
  • The power switch turns off 40 minutes after brewing begins 
  • 230V, 50Hz / 500W 

How to brew coffee in a percolator:

  1. Fill the percolator's water reservoir with the desired amount of water.
  2. Place the coffee filter or coffee basket in the percolator and add the desired amount of ground coffee beans.
  3. Start the percolator and let it brew the coffee automatically.
  4. When brewing is complete, turn off the percolator and let the coffee cool slightly before serving.