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Kahls Tea Advent Calendar 2023

  • 33 EUR

Unwrap a world of flavors with Kahls Tea Advent Calendar 2023. Savor 24 loose leaf teas, infuser included.

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Article Number: KZ1198

Kahls Tea Advent Calendar 2023, loose leaf tea.

In Kahls Tea Calendar for 2023, you, as a tea lover, are invited on a flavorful journey through Kahls' rich tea assortment. This calendar is not just an ordinary advent calendar but an experience that extends from the seed of tea to the finished teacup. It's filled with knowledge about the world of tea, from its history and cultivation to harvesting, processing, brewing tips, and sustainability.

Kahls has spared no effort with this premium advent calendar, from the packaging to the tea and the informational booklet. It's not just a calendar; it's a journey through the fascinating world of tea.

With this tea calendar, you get the opportunity to try 24 different tea varieties. Each bag contains 4 grams of loose leaf tea, enough to brew two cups of tea. It's a chance to explore different flavors and aromas, from traditional favorites to exciting new varieties.

With Kahls Tea Calendar 2023, you not only get the tea but also a practical tea infuser and an informational booklet describing each tea variety. Here, you'll find not only descriptions of the flavor profiles but also interesting information about the cultural and historical background of tea.

Kahls Tea Calendar 2023 is not just a calendar; it's a perfect gift for tea enthusiasts or anyone who wants to explore the world of tea. It's an opportunity to discover and enjoy high-quality tea varieties while deepening your knowledge of the enchanting world of tea.