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Cafetto Grinder Cleaner

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These organic cleaning tablets from Cafetto make it easy to clean your coffee grinder. They remove both oils and coffee residues in an environmentally friendly

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Article Number: CAF350

Cafetto Grinder Cleaner

  • Grinder cleaning solution
  • Tablet form for grinder maintenance
  • Volume: 450 g
  • Organic cleaning agent
  • Biodegradable and GMO-free
  • Effectively removes coffee oils, residues, and deposits

How to clean a coffee grinder:
Use once a month or more frequently if needed. It's advisable to clean before switching coffee types to ensure flavors don't mix.

  1. Empty the coffee grinder of beans.
  2. Place 45 g of Cafetto Grinder Clean into the bean hopper.
  3. Start the grinder and allow the tablets to be ground.
  4. Clean the grinder and dosing chamber, brushing away any dust.
  5. Grind 20 grams of coffee or until the cleaning tablets are completely gone.
  6. The coffee grinder is now ready for use again.