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Kahls Kaffe Coffee Advent Calendar 2023

  • 45 EUR

Savor Nordic micro-roasted coffee magic with Kahls Coffee Advent Calendar 2023! Explore 24 unique blends, perfect for all coffee lovers!

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Article Number: 701031

Kahls Coffee Advent Calendar 2023 ground coffee.

Kahls Coffee Advent Calendar 2023 is a flavorful journey through the world of coffee. In this year's coffee calendar, you will not only enjoy a varied selection from Kahls coffee range but also deepen your knowledge about coffee - from seed to cup! With this advent calendar from Kahls, you will learn the art of choosing coffee, planting the coffee tree, harvesting the beans, and exploring the various ways to brew a cup of coffee, including different roast levels, and much more.

The coffee advent calendar features exciting new origins, brewing methods, and flavor profiles that guarantee an experience for your senses every day in December, all the way to Christmas Eve! Kahls Coffee Calendar is not only filled with high-quality coffee but is also an elaborate premium product from packaging to content and the informative booklet that accompanies it.

This calendar is the perfect gift for someone you care about! An advent calendar that suits everyone, whether you're a coffee connoisseur or someone who simply appreciates a good cup of coffee. With this year's coffee calendar, you will be able to try 24 different coffee varieties from Kahls Kaffe.

Discover the amazing world of coffee day by day during the Christmas month.

Kahls Coffee Advent Calendar contains 24 bags of 30 g ground coffee and an informational booklet. One bag is enough for 2 cups of coffee.